Virtual Training Made For You

IVRY Technologies offers real world training in a safe, engaging, and waste-free environment. With our Virtual Electrical Training (VET) lessons, you can practice the necessary skills of the trade before starting your work on a jobsite.

Utilize guided mode to walk you through how to complete each of the lessons
Use the self assessment tool to understand your strengths & weaknesses
Take your skills to the jobsite


Catapult Your Organization To The Top

IVRY Technologies' Virtual Electrical Training (VET) application currently offers four virtual lessons, with both a guided and test mode, as well as an introduction to the VR experience.

Offer a New Training Experience

If you are interested in learning more about how your training center can offer electrical virtual reality training, please click the button below to contact an IVRY representative. 

Virtual Reality (VR) in Education

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Virtual Reality for Education in 2021

"Having an interactive learning experience can bring a whole new world of exciting learning opportunities"

VR is the future of education

"With technology becoming more and more sophisticated as we enter the 21st Century, it’s no surprise that VR now has a firm imprint on how we teach"

VR Platform to Train the Next Generation of Electrical Trade Students

IVRY Technologies launches VR platform to train the next generation of students for electrical trade skills.

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